Montessori Renaissance Academy

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Montessori Renaissance Academy

We are a private Montessori school located in the north metropolitan suburb of Anoka, MN. For more than 22 years, we have been providing children from 16 months through 8th grade with an alternative to more traditional schools. Our students flourish, testing 25-30% better on required standardized testing than the national average.

Our goal is to create a learning environment that meets the needs of each child. We do that by following the philosophy and methods developed by Dr. Maria Montessori through the early years, and continue to leverage those concepts during the child’s middle school years.

The Montessori Method

Unlike traditional teaching methods, the Montessori method is child-centered. Instead of learning from a textbook, children learn from self-correcting materials and progress at their own rate with their teacher’s guidance. They appreciate order, independence, and encouragement in our non-competitive environment.

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